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Welcome to the Military Influencer Podcast | Like Nothing You’ve Heard Before

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Military Influencer Podcast, a podcast that’s all about leadership and influencing our people. Curtez Riggs, founder of the Military Influencer Conference, is joining us for our flagship episode as we talk about what the Military Influencer Podcast is and what you can expect from it.

In order for each of us to grow and benefit from MIC, we need to be more than a conference.

Most of us listen to podcasts all the time. It’s a powerful way to digest content because we’re always moving and we each have so many things going on any given day. But there is nothing out there like what you’re about to experience here with the Military Influencer Podcast.

Let’s first talk about the origin of this podcast so that you understand the why and the vision. As Curtez explains, this is something that’s been in the making since the beginning. If you’ve ever attended a Military Influencer Conference before, you know that it’s jam-packed with influencers and executives, phenomenal workshops, and some crazy good times! But, Curtez shares that his vision for MIC is much bigger than that.

As a guy who usually stands in the background—quietly planning all the details, working to bring amazing people together, and executing the heck out of things—Curtez has done something amazing. He’s amassed a huge following of people who have rallied around the mission to change the narrative surrounding the military community. Year after year, MIC keeps growing in numbers, passion, and results.

But, one thing that tends to creep up in a large collection of people, such as the Military Influencer Conference, is passivity. Instead of simply coming, meeting, leaving, we want there to be more, relates Curtez. This podcast will give influencers the opportunity to reach through the conference, straight to the community so that we can each grow our impact and learn from one another. Plus, this podcast will be where we talk about something essential to the success of this community—military entrepreneurship.

Information will be flowing, particularly about the conference.

Now, let’s talk about what to expect. To start, the information is going to be flowing, says Curtez. People will find everything that they need about the conference, from hotel information to speaker announcements to food options. It’s also the place where you as an attendee will have access to the amazing resources and people that have made MIC a killer event for military entrepreneurs.

You will get to know our speakers before they hit the stage and will have the ability to build connections with influencers all year long, not just at the conference. This will truly be the place for growth in the community and in our overall impact.

A few new things you can expect at MIC ‘19 include a spouse-focused track and new TEDx style talks.

Curtez also drops some new happenings (but rest assured there’s more to come) that we can look forward to this September. He first surmises MIC as a 3-day gathering where we come to celebrate, connect, and collaborate. It’s a place that brings together executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands to shape and support the military community. Talk about an amazing mission!

And what’s new about this year? To start, there will be a TEDx style talk hosted by We Are The Mighty called The Mighty Talks. People will be racing to this event as Jesse Iwuji (NASCAR driver) and Charlynda Scales (Mutt’s Sauce founder) take the stage to talk about the transition and the narrative of the military community.

Then, founders and innovators will have a place to rally around the goal of getting their new ventures off the ground. And there’ll also be a panel for funding opportunities. We all need money and resources to grow our business, and this panel will help you find it! Create content for a living? There’s going to be something for you too. Is social impact important to your mission? We’re going to help you out there too.

Then, there’s a special track that speaks directly to the 43% of conference attendees. Empower will be a military spouse-focused track (thanks to the help of the Rosie Network) that will empower military spouses to take their business to the next level.

In Curtez’s words, this isn’t a “bro vet” event. This is a diverse event that is meeting the needs of our diverse community. 

But what exactly is a military influencer?

Something that’s commonly misconstrued as Curtez tells us, is the word influencer. It’s not someone with a camera and a few followers on Facebook. An influencer, according to Curtez, is a person who is shaping and changing our community. It doesn’t matter how many followers or fans you have, what matters is what you do with the platform and the power of your influence. It’s about telling the world what you do and helping others in your space. Sound familiar?

Now, it’s time for some action. Check out to sign up for the newsletter (a must for weekly updates), subscribe to the podcast (a place for community and impact), and get tickets to MIC ‘19 (the conference that started it all).

And we’ll see you there!



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