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Welcome to our MIC Press Center. This is the place where you can access all of our media resources, and stay informed about the latest developments regarding MIC 2024.

Each year, our flagship event attracts dozens of top-tier journalists and influential content creators from all around the world. As a media professional, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of the next big scoop by securing a Press Pass to MIC.

This global gathering of thousands of service members, veterans, and spouses come together to learn, network, celebrate their achievements, and thrive. Join us to tell their stories.

The Press Pass

The Press Pass gives you priority access to our top speakers, sponsors, and attendees. Our PR team will help you set up interviews and ensure you have everything you need to write your story.

What’s in it for you?

  • 1x Press Pass to access MIC
  • Opportunity to set up interviews with the biggest names at MIC during the conference
  • Access to the Media Room
  • Early access to our photo feed 
  • A dedicated PR team is available to ensure you get the best of MIC

Want a chance at intimate interviews with the biggest names at the conference? Apply now to write your next big story!*

*Each application will be assessed individually in order to ensure you are eligible for a press pass. Applications that are not approved will be redirected to our other ticket types. 

  • All press will be required to submit a link to a recently published piece with their byline (or a link to a video segment if broadcast media)
  • Freelancers, photographers, and film crews will be asked to submit a letter of assignment on company letterhead or from a company email address
  • Press registrants may be asked to submit additional credentials as needed
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