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Your story is worthy to be shared. Find the courage to share your journey of hardships and victories!


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Kerri Jeter Headshot
Kerri Jeter
CEO Founder, Freedom Sisters Media


CATEGORYGoing Live - Podcasting, Vblogging, Video Content

LEVELBasic Understanding

Find the courage to share with the Mission Framework to share your story no matter the platform; podcast, magazine, on camera or live. Develop your voice Practical ways to share your story Expert insight on channels to grow your community Content creation and real tangible ways to stay consistent on all platforms


Kerri Jeter Headshot

Kerri Jeter

CEO Founder, Freedom Sisters Media

Kerri Jeter, Founder of Freedom Sisters Media, served in the U.S. Army for 12-years, starting as a Private First Class and exiting as a senior Captain. During her time in service, she served in Human Resources, Finance, Training, and Public Affairs; building critical and lasting systems for the Army that are still being utilized today. Kerri, won the prestigious title Ms. Veteran America 2015, advocating for her Sisters-in-Arms that had fallen on hard times. After her own journey of self-discovery and embracing her entrepreneurial spirit Kerri, launched Freedom Sisters Media to create content, connection, and community for Women beyond the uniform. Kerri is a fierce advocate for justice, creating a safe space for women to share their embolden stories and provide a way forward to real change for women who have been oppressed, abused or silenced. She lives in Washington state with her Combat Veteran husband and three youngest children.


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