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Why military experience is valuable in business.


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Charles J. Read


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When I talk about WHY military training is valuable to success in business, I use my take on Marine values “Mission, Men, Self”. That is how I run my business. Mission: Always complete the mission. That is first. Having set the mission finish it. Regardless of the cost. If it is not worth doing don’t make it the mission. For us it is getting our client’s payroll done right and on time, every time. Men: Take care of your people. They are what allow you to succeed. You can’t do it yourself. Your staff is critical. You are a team. Take care of them. Self. More businesses have been destroyed by unchecked ego that anything else. You are last. Your paycheck is last. Your vacation is last. Your ego is unimportant. It is results that count.


Charles J. Read Headshot

Charles J. Read


Charles Read, President/CEO and Founder of GetPayroll which has provided full-service payroll and payroll tax services since 1991. Charles is an executive and entrepreneur with fifty plus years of experience. He is a CPA and a US Tax Court Non-Attorney Practitioner. He has authored four book, recently the“The Payroll Book: A Guide for Small Businesses and Startups”. Charles is also an accomplished speaker and has been featured on Fox Business News, Biz TV Texas, New York City Wired, Dallas Innovates, and more. Mr. Read is a decorated United States Marine Corps combat veteran of the Vietnam War.


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