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The Power of Relationships


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Bree Carroll Headshot
Bree Carroll
Owner, B Carroll Events, LLC

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As we strive for success in business we often try to tap into secretes that gain us thousands of followers, ways to make six figures or tools to crack the code on somebodies algorithm, yet we don’t take the time to analyze and plan for our relationships. The Power of Relationships challenge you to rethink the impact that relationships have on your life, your business and your brand. To hit new levels of success you first have to do the work of establishing healthy relationships, which includes your marriage, your mentors and your motivators.


Bree Carroll Headshot

Bree Carroll

Owner, B Carroll Events, LLC

Bree Carroll, Military Spouse, Event Planner, Community Builder and Speaker, transforms spaces and hearts through experience design and purposeful planning. With a background in civil engineering, Bree brings her brilliance of problem-solving and strategic thinking to design transformational experiences with her company B Carroll Events, LLC. As a voice in the milspouse community, she holds the title as 2020-2021 AFI Air Force Spouse of the Year and advocates to strengthen military marriages on her internationally broadcasted podcast, Hearts & Stripes. Bree is the founder of Military Marriage Day, a national holiday celebrated annually on August 14th and is an executive producer of GY6 Show, a virtual fashion exhibition highlighting military veteran, spouse & dependent designers around NYFW.


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