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The End Goal: Achieving Success Through Understanding, Cooperation, and Courage


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A'isha Umar
Founder, No Common Measure Podcast


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The keynote speech on "The End Goal: Achieving Success Through Understanding, Cooperation, and Courage" is an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation that explores the key principles and practices necessary for individuals and organizations to achieve their desired outcomes and reach their full potential. The speaker will delve into the importance of understanding others, fostering a culture of empathy and compassion, and the role of cooperation and teamwork in achieving success. Attendees will learn about the significance of personal responsibility and taking ownership in driving positive change and achieving their goals. The speaker will share examples of leaders who have demonstrated courage in the face of adversity and inspired others to do the same. The presentation will highlight the impact of incorporating these principles in leadership and decision-making, resulting in improved outcomes and greater success. Overall, the keynote speech is an opportunity for attendees to learn from the speaker's insights and experiences, and to gain a deeper understanding of the key principles necessary for success. The speech is designed to be both motivational and practical, providing attendees with actionable steps they can take to achieve their end goals. This keynote is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and inspire attendees to take their careers and businesses to new heights.



A'isha Umar

Founder, No Common Measure Podcast

A'isha Umar is a US Army veteran and data scientist who works with leaders and companies to help them understand the impact of their decisions on the financial, emotional, and physiological state of organizations and their communities. She believes in adopting Army values like personal responsibility, resilience, and integrity for informed decision-making and promoting a culture of responsibility. A'isha encourages organizations to adopt a harmony-based leadership culture and shares ideas for running businesses with empathy and compassion. She hosts the "No Common Measure" podcast where she discusses success, leadership, and the role of love, service, and compassion in these areas. In her free time, she enjoys reading by the lake and driving at night to see city lights.


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