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The Emotionally Intelligent Influencer


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Noble Gibbens Headshot
Noble Gibbens
Owner, EQ Gangster


CATEGORYMental Health & Resiliency

LEVELBasic Understanding

Noble does Emotional Intelligence Coaching to executives & leaders from multiple billion dollar international companies. He took his business from zero to 6-figures in just over a year. How? He started an intentional emotional fitness program that literally changed his life. In this session, you will learn the practical steps Noble took to overcome his people-pleasing addiction, imposter syndrome, suicidal ideations, depression, self-sabotage, emotional neediness, uncontrollable anger and many other emotional dysfunctions, to successful entrepreneur & podcast host.


Noble Gibbens Headshot

Noble Gibbens

Owner, EQ Gangster

This West Point grad & former Infantry Officer is now an EQ Practitioner and teaches Emotional Intelligence on his podcast, EQ Gangster, in his EQ Mafia Membership & through corporate coaching & consulting. Noble is the person you'd least expect to be talking about feelings & emotions! A fight with his wife revealed a glaring issue: he was clueless when it came to handling his emotions. Don't let the beard & tattoos fool you - he is pure energy & passion! He brings 23 years' experience as an entrepreneur and international keynote speaker to help clients, entrepreneurs, & leaders get their emotions working for them, not against them.


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