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Taking the Helm- How to own your transition from salute to suit.


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Lindsay Helm Headshot
Lindsay Helm
Founder/CEO, Empower Employ

FORMATFireside Chat

CATEGORYTransition - Preparing for Life After

LEVELBasic Understanding

Does this sound like you? I am a Veteran or in transition. I’m trying to find opportunities that allow me to utilize the skills I learned from active duty. But my old career skill identifier does not translate to civilian careers. Because I have not discovered a certification program that will retrain and give me on-the-job experience, and I don't know who I am without my uniform. I feel lost, overwhelmed, angry, and frustrated.


Lindsay Helm Headshot

Lindsay Helm

Founder/CEO, Empower Employ

Founder of Empower Employ Lindsay Helm is a Military Spouse and U.S. Army veteran. Lindsay assists transitioning military members, veterans, and spouses, to help them find employment and programs that best accommodate their skill sets and lifestyle. Lindsay also advocates within the corporate space to help employers understand the military community's challenges during the transition.


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