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How to Use Authenticity to Grow a Loyal Tribe for Your Organization


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Kimberly Bacso Headshot
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Co-Founder & Operations Director, InDependent

FORMATBreakout Sessions

CATEGORYSocial Impact

LEVELBasic Understanding

Join us for a session full of real conversation on cultivating authenticity as a strategy to grow not only your tribe of followers, but organization culture too. Learn why authenticity is the key to eliminating negativity in virtual space, how it builds trust with audiences, and why it is the backbone of remote team culture. The executive team members from InDependent, a non-profit dedicated to military spouse wellness, are here to foster workplace wellness for all military spouses. Their all-virtual team thrives in an authentic, multi-layered virtual space that encourages participation, learning, growth, and connection, no matter where the military takes them.


Kimberly Bacso Headshot

Kimberly Bacso

Co-Founder & Operations Director, InDependent

Kimberly Bacso is the co-founder and operations director of InDependent, a non-profit on a mission to make wellness accessible and create opportunities for all military spouses to thrive through friendship, accountability, and inspiration. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree and is an experienced yoga teacher. She is the managing editor of Legacy Magazine, a print publication celebrating service member families and their communities. And, she blogs about wellness and entrepreneurship for the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs. When she’s not working, you’ll find her traveling off the beaten path with her active duty husband and teenage daughter.


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