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How to Leverage Your 9-5 to Create a Passive Income Producing Machine: Military Edition


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Johnny Lynum Headshot
Johnny Lynum
Founder, Operation Invest LLC



LEVELBasic Understanding

This workshop will provide attendees my framework to build their personal passive income producing real estate business/portfolio. They will learn the mindset habits required to build the future that they want to achieve. This will include an exercise to help them become laser-focused on their future goals and identifying their burning “WHY.” I will walk them through my Find, Fix, Finish framework to give them the tools needed for success. First, we will identify how to target the right local or virtual real estate markets for investing, and the right real estate asset class to achieve their goals. Next, we will discuss how to leverage their military training and experience to build a team around their investing goals. Next, they will learn the steps required to manage a property renovation project. Lastly, we will discuss different exit strategies to scale their real estate portfolio!


Johnny Lynum Headshot

Johnny Lynum

Founder, Operation Invest LLC

I am a seasoned Real Estate Investor, Active-Duty Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Author, and business owner. I founded Operation Invest to provide passive real estate investing opportunities and to teach aspiring investors my Find, Fix, & Finish framework to acquire both single family and multifamily real estate. For more than 15 years, I have been investing in real estate, purchased and sold numerous properties and currently have 34 doors in my portfolio valued at over $6M. I released my 1st book in Dec 2021, "Millionaire Real Estate Success Strategies: What They Forgot To Teach You in School."


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