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Hiring within the Community; Outsourcing Your Way to 100k


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April Wilhelm Headshot
April Wilhelm
Co-founder, Stay At Home Profit

FORMATBreakout Sessions

CATEGORYMilitary Spouse Related

LEVELBasic Understanding

With buzzwords like collaboration, outsourcing, building a team, and even networking entrepreneurs start to feel the overwhelm. Who, What, and How.... April Wilhelm is known for breaking down big topics into actionable steps to fulfilling key results. During this session, April Wilhelm will be focusing on utilizing and collaborating strategically within your own community to outsource your needs in your business.


April Wilhelm Headshot

April Wilhelm

Co-founder, Stay At Home Profit

April Wilhelm is a Navy spouse, military brat, and mother of two. Her career is distinguished by a record of achievement in driving sales and marketing initiatives that have delivered outstanding returns.Her experience led her to build a career through freelancing while stationed abroad. She built a successful digital marketing agency from a NICU Hospital and hotel room that changed the way small businesses interacted with their clients online. Now she is known for helping military spouses use their own skills to build a remote career through virtual assisting and entrepreneurship.


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