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Franchising 101: Translating Military Experience to Franchise Ownership


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Peter Joukov Headshot
Peter Joukov
Co-Founder & COO, inq Tattoos

FORMATBreakout Sessions

CATEGORYTransition - Preparing for Life After

LEVELBasic Understanding

When Peter was transitioning out of the Navy, the only career options he was aware of were to get a government job, a defense contractor job, or to go to grad school. It took Peter several more years to better understand that other career options were within reach, whether in the corporate world or small business / entrepreneurship world. Since then, Peter has started multiple companies in different industries, and most recently started a company that he is scaling via franchising. The longer Pete works in the franchising space, the more he sees that franchise ownership can be a good fit for veterans. The ability to follow operations manuals and guidelines, lead teams, and adapt to situations are all key skills learned in the military and directly translatable to franchise ownership.


Peter Joukov Headshot

Peter Joukov

Co-Founder & COO, inq Tattoos

Pete Joukov is an entrepreneur and advisor, and loves talking to fellow vets about career options on the “path less taken”. Pete’s career began in the Navy-- after graduating from the US Naval Academy he served for five years, leading military personnel on five continents. Following his military service, Pete gained experience with large organizations in public and private sectors and in entrepreneurship. Pete is the Co-Founder & COO of inq, which is disrupting the tattoo industry with premium tattoo boutique franchises for the modern customer. He also cofounded Avantpay, an events platform in the cannabis industry.


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