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A Warriors Path To Inner Peace


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Nicholas Rahn Headshot
Nicholas Rahn
CEO, Warriors Next Adventure 501c3


CATEGORYMental Health & Resiliency

LEVELBasic Understanding

Nicholas Rahn, Founder and CEO of Warriors Next Adventure 501c3 will walk you though a path to Post Traumatic Growth. Utilizing tactics similar to EMDR therapy, he created 6 principles to get yourself prepared for a better future. He will help you reevaluate your environment around you and inside to find out the anchors holding you back. Then you will dive into some of the traumas of your past and how to let go utilizing acceptance. From there he will take you through a quick manifestation session and how to create any future you dream up. If you dream it, make a path, and follow it, you can make it happen. We will also teach you some concepts of healing that you may not have though possible. Nick is a suicide survivor and now he travels the country teaching people how to grow from trauma. If he can do it, so can you.


Nicholas Rahn Headshot

Nicholas Rahn

CEO, Warriors Next Adventure 501c3

I am an Air Force Veteran with 4 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. When I left the military I struggled with PTSD and survivors guilt. I attempted suicide in 2015 and lucky for me the gun didn't go off. After years of studying epigenetics, neuroscience, Buddhism and more, I've created a program that has assisted over 30k Veteran since 2019 find themselves again. I help veterans find purpose utilizing Post Traumatic Growth. We take veterans on mountain climbs, teach them how to drive race cars, rescue wolves and get them involved in jiu-jitsu to make conversations about their traumas easier to process. Using similar tactics as EMDR, we get veterans in the moment while processing their traumas so they can let go of the power of their past, and give it to their future.


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