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A conversation about treating Traumatic Brain Injury.


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Donna Cranston Headshot
Donna Cranston
Founder & CEO, Defenders of Freedom


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Traumatic brain injury(TBI) is a physical injury to the brain. Through functional neurology it is very treatable and is able to restore function in just 10 days. We also look at the chemistry make up of a Veteran, through blood work, to maximize their healing as a whole. Our program is a two week intensive protocol implementing some of the newest technologies available in functional neurology. We are seeing dramatic improvements in depression, anxiety and stress within days of starting the treatment. We believe we have found a very forceful weapon to combat Veteran suicide among those with a TBI.


Donna Cranston Headshot

Donna Cranston

Founder & CEO, Defenders of Freedom

Donna started Defenders of Freedom in 2004 while she was attending the greetings each day at the DFW Airport of Soldiers as they landed on American soil for a 2-week R&R. At that time, her son was in Iraq and it came quite natural for her to meet the Troops and offer to send them care packages. They also helped with financial assistance, which opened doors to talk to many Veterans, leading to treatment for traumatic brain injuries. That is their main focus today. Donna and her husband Tim have been married for 45 years and have three grown sons.


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