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Candice Dietz: GIVESPACE co-founder and CEO

PenFed Military Women Startup Accelerator finalist 

In her time running a small e-commerce business, Candice Dietz said she found it surprisingly difficult when she decided to rally her customers for a charity campaign to benefit a local grassroots organization.

“It was mostly about time,” Dietz said. “Researching a non-profit that’s going to align with our objective. And, finding someone to connect with at the grassroots organizations who are really doing the work on the ground is hard because they don’t always have the time to reply. Then, calculating the numbers at the end of the month, and where to send the check.”

Along with co-founder Connie Derry, Dietz started GIVESPACE – a tech platform to streamline and resolve these exact issues. GIVESPACE simplifies the connection between customer, business, and nonprofit by helping companies launch and manage fundraising, match and give-back campaigns. The platform handles everything from beginning to end, including sending a tax-deductible receipt and following up with the organization to ask how the donations helped.

Dietz has a heavy background in non-profit work, and said philanthropy and community building have always been a part of her personal and professional life. As a military spouse for almost 20 years, she credits her range of experience and ability to lead different people on the number of positions she’s held in various locations across the globe.

“Our tagline is ‘powering the world to get back together,” she said.

“I think we’re at an inflection…where sustainability and social impact can’t just be amplified by just the customer, company or charities alone. It’s time to bridge that gap and work together. That is what our vision is at GIVESPACE; to be the tool people can use to fuel that.”

Now that she has a product, Dietz looked for resources she said could help scale the business in a meaningful way.

She was recently named a finalist and grant recipient in the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Foundation’s Military Women Startup Accelerator. The foundation’s Veteran Entrepreneur Investor Program hosted the 10-week “boot camp” where 10 out of over 260 attending business owners were chosen to receive a $3,000 investment.

After attending seminars or “modules” aimed at continuing education and expanding a startup, Dietz said she felt a sense of validation from other military-women entrepreneurs that GIVESPACE was something the world was missing.

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