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Asked & Answered – Empower A New Event For MilSpouses Within MIC

Something that we really celebrate here at MIC—besides our conference’s powerhouse speakers, phenomenal networking events, and beyond-amazing venues—is our community’s diversity.

Veterans. Service members. COs. CEOs. Military spouses. At MIC, we’ve seen it all. (In a good way.)

With diversity in experiences and backgrounds comes diversity in needs. Which is why we’re excited to announce the creation of Empower, a separate track within MIC that serves one of the most populous and engaged groups in our community: the military spouse.

In partnership with The Rosie NetworkEmpower will feature keynotes and breakout sessions led by some of the most inspiring military spouses. Conversations in this track will address the concerns unique to military spouse entrepreneurship, exploring topics like taking advantage of remote working hacks, building passive income, and achieving that elusive work-life balance. Our sponsored sessions will be hosted by some of the biggest brands in the world—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, for starters—brands that understand the importance of supporting military spouses.

And you won’t want to miss the extraordinary director of The Rosie Network, Flossie Hall, who will be participating in a panel discussion about unapologetically being a military spouse. 

What’s even more satisfying about the Empower track is that military spouses in attendance will have access to all of the traditional MIC offerings…plus the spouse-focused content in Empower, meaning you can glean exactly what you need from MIC and more. 

Check out our sample agenda for Empower below:

Sunday – 8 October

  • 1400 Getting the most out of MIC – Orientation (Rosie Network)
  • 1430 Amazon for Spouses
  • 1630 Networking Mixer
  • 1800 The Mighty Talks

Monday – 9 September

  • 0630 Yoga Session,
  • 0900 Opening Remarks & Keynote – Brianna Keilar
  • 1000 Keynote – Lauren Weiner
  • 1030 Morning Breakout Sessions
  • 1230 Lunch & Learn
  • 1330 Afternoon Breakout Sessions
  • 1530 Mainstage Keynote – Pat Flynn
  • 1700 Afternoon Break, Puppies & Ice Cream
  • 2000 MilSpouse After-hours,

Tuesday – 10 September

  • 0630 PT Session
  • 0900 Breakout Sessions
  • 1015 LinkedIn Brand Building
  • 1230 Closing Lunch


If you’re a military spouse or know one (lucky you!), get your tickets today, before they’re sold out.



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