These tracks are the cornerstone of #MICDC!

With 8 track offerings—each one a pearl, custom-tailored for different niches within the military community—you’re bound to find a track (or seven) that will elevate your mission.

Your ticket gives you total access to all #MICDC tracks. That includes workshops, panels, speeches, mentorship sessions, pitch competitions, and networking events, all led by top influencers making waves in the military space.

The conference tracks are as follows:

We’ll kick off #MICDC with interactive pre-conference workshops to help you transform your side hustle into your sole hustle. Arrive with a drive to learn and mingle; leave a savvier, more well connected entrepreneur… Continue Reading
Main Stage
Join us on the #MICDC Main Stage for four brilliant keynote talks. The speakers—changemakers who have shaped the future for our community— will share their inspiration stories and lessons learned… Continue Reading
Mighty Talks
A platform that echoes TEDx, but is designed just for the military community: The Mighty Talks. In this track, influential leaders will spark new ideas with their insights revolving around the theme “Changing the Narrative”.


Agents & Brokers
You can excel in the real estate business by harnessing the leadership skills, habits, and virtues you already possess—and we’ll uncover how in this track designed specifically for real estate agents and brokers.

Military Spouse
Hosted by The Rosie Network, this track will connect you to keynote speeches and panels facilitated by MilSpouses who have real-world success stories. Spouses in attendance will learn about the (abundant!) opportunities available for remote and entrepreneurial work.
Content Marketing
The web is oversaturated with a dizzying amount of content. It’s more important now than ever before for brands to know how to differentiate their work and make it pop. In this track, storytellers will discuss techniques to do just that.

Thousands of organizations serve veterans and their families; more organizations are evolving to incorporate social impact in their mission. This track is for executives and leaders who wish to join that space, translating their zeal for social entrepreneurship into meaningful action.
Startup Founders & Innovators
Every founder dreams of their business attaining unicorn status. But the realities of entrepreneurship present obstacles. To guide you through those obstacles, experienced brands will shine a spotlight on the path to growth—both achieving and maintaining it.
Podcasting & Video
You want your own podcast, vlog, or video series. But you don’t know where to begin or how to lasso your target audience’s attention. Learn the ins and outs of going live with creators who have been through the trenches and came out with cachet..

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