Social Impact

Nonprofit Professionals and Brands Focused on Social Impact

This is where today’s changemakers unite and co-create the future of social entrepreneurship for the military community. Nonprofit leaders and executives will share creative solutions and ideas to solve our greatest challenges.

Complete with a variety of session types and networking opportunities, this track event provides the energy, takeaways, and collaborations you need to accelerate change.

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Here's what you can expect from the Social Impact Track


Seeing phenomenal accomplishments highleted on stage is a great way to get hyped at MIC. See the latest milestones that our keynotes have accomplished – it’ll motivate you to execute your vision!


Listening to thought leaders describe their visions for the future of our community can lead to your next big idea. Learn the upcoming trends to get ahead of the competition!


Some big names from our community will share thought-provoking insights. Speakers will raise questions that we haven’t considered – and open up new opportunities to collaborate!


Don't miss these educational speakers who live and breath social impact!
Antoinette Balta

Antoinette Balta

Executive Director, Veterans Legal Institute
Chaunte Meyers

Chaunte Meyers

CEO, Centurion Military Alliance

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